As the professional manufacturer of gemstone, Unigems specialize in producing and selling various of synthetic gems and natural gemstones. We offer Cubic Zirconia, glass, both synthetic and natural Spinel, Corundum, Crystal, Agate, Tourmaline, Emerald, Garnet, Diopside, Topaz, Amazonite and other gemstones.

After 5 years of development, our company growing from a single processing company into a comprehensive company with well-equipped facilities, highly skilled work teams.


Cubic Zirconia

Since put into commercial production from (the year of) 1976, Synthetic Cubic Zirconia, because of it’s low price, harness, and looks very similar to diamond, it’s known as the strongest competitor with the diamond in gemstone and economy.
As everyone knows, AAAAA grade CZ is the best imitation diamond in the world.
The quality of CZ divided into several grades, the low-quality CZ is very Inferior. Some cz is in good quality, but the cutting or polish is not good enough. Our CZ is the best in both quality and cutting. We supply Synthetic CZ.


Raw Materials

In the 1960s, French scientist Y.Roulin and R.Collongues began to research the cultivation of single-crystal cubic zirconia. The method only can produce a very tiny single crystal. Then Soviet scientist V.V.Osiko improved the technology in Lebedev Physical Institute. His invention is known as “Cold Crucible”. This invention disclosed for the first time in 1973. The rough we are using — cubic zirconia crystal is cultivated with this soviet improved cold crucible method. This popular soviet improved cold crucible method, can ensure the rough stable and with high quality.

Cubic Zirconia is composed of high-purity zirconia abrasive and mixed with magnesium and calcium, which used as a stabilizer. Every
The composition is controlled seriously, and added certain additive,
Make it has the appearance of an as real diamond.

There is no doubt although has the best cultivate method, the quality of cubic zirconia crystals is different. Low quality may have too much impurity, bubble, even crack, all these will surely affect the cubic zirconia quality. We carefully selected the best rough, and we ensure our cubic zirconia must satisfy you.


Cut & Polish

All the cutting and polish of our cubic zirconia can approve the real diamond cutting and polish standard s you expect. In the market, most of the cubic zirconia is cut by a big machine. But mass production of cubic zirconia sacrificed the quality and clarity, can not reach the AAAAA grade.

Above 3.0mm( not including 3.0mm) cubic zirconia, are all hand cut and hand polish by our professional workers with more than five years experience. Every hand cut cubic zirconia is cut carefully, and each one can present the shine like a real diamond.


Our Product

Our products have rich colors and varied shapes, like round, oval, pear, heart, teardrop, marquise, square, baguette, triangle, tapper, ax, star, flower, crescent moon, kite, butterfly, cylinder, sector, leaf, etc. We can design and cut all special gems according to customers sample and drawing(demand). The size we can cut is from 1mm–22mm. We also can make jewelry according to customers’ designs and demands.

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